Texas Lab Rescue

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We are a group of people dedicated to rescuing dogs from crisis situations, most of which include euthanasia by animal shelters, neglect and other forms of abuse, abandonment, or "free to a good home" ads, which result in dogs being bounced from one home to another, or being acquired by animal brokers ("bunchers") and sold to research laboratories where they are used for testing then discarded ("cruelty industries").

Hopefully, any rescue group's placement criteria is thorough -- ours absolutely is. The dogs we rescue are spayed or neutered prior to placement and our screening and placement procedures speak to a high standard of care, including home checks, medical evaluations as needed, vaccinations, "return to rescue" clauses, contracts, and adoption fees. It is our goal to ensure that a quality match be made between dog and owner, one that promotes the well being and safety of the animal and, ultimately, a life-long commitment to that special relationship. We go to great lengths to place our dogs with people who will regard their new canine companion as part of the family.

We rescue and place purebred Labrador Retrievers. We foster our dogs in a home environment, although we do use boarding facilities to hold our dogs temporarily. We take pride in our promise that at any time and for any reason in the dog's life, if the need arises, he or she has a safe place with us ("return to rescue" policy).